Pregnancy Massage Training

Mobilising the Vertebrae and Releasing Erector Spinae

This is a wonderful course designed for all massage and bodywork students and practitioners, who wish to work with women during pregnancy.

  • 3-Day Post Graduate Course
  • FEDANT Accredited
  • 15 CPD Points

Through this course, you will gain an understanding of pregnancy, the contra-indications to working with pregnant clients, a holistic view of supporting pregnant women, and how to safely adapt positioning, massage and stretching techniques to pregnancy’s demands.

You will explore general massage and selected essential techniques to safely address common issues arising during pregnancy such as back pain, nerve impingement, oedema, cramping, ribcage pain, headaches, nausea, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, ligament pain and musculo-skeletal issues surrounding the pregnant pelvis.

Techniques you will learn include deep tissue, hands free and swedish massage techniques, lymphatic drainage, indian head massage, shiatsu and passive stretching. You will also learn how to work with a pregnant woman on a holistic level including relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques, how to conduct a full consultation and how to advise on prenatal care including exercise and nutrition.

There will be an opportunity on the final day of the course to practice your techniques and prenatal care with pregnant women.

Optional feedback/assessment will take place through case studies and a written module.

Group sizes are limited to 8 practitioners to ensure that we can tailor the course entirely to your needs and experience.

Upcoming Courses in Edinburgh:

  • 23-25th March 2018
  • 8-10th June 2018
  • 13-15th July 2018
  • 14-16th September 2018
  • 30th November-2nd December 2018
  • 22-24th February 2019

Course cost: £280 plus £35 for course handouts.

Class Objectives

  1. To safely perform basic pregnancy massage for low-risk uncomplicated pregnancies.
  2. Position and drape your clients to allow for a safe, effective massage therapy.
  3. Modify basic massage routines for supine, side lying and semi-reclined positions.
  4. To help recognise symptoms of possible complications and high-risk factors.
  5. To identify and help to alleviate common issues arising during pregnancy such as back pain, nerve impingement and oedema.
  6. To work with the mother-to-be on a holistic level: providing nurturing and emotional support and being aware of your own use of language, body language and information.
  7. To understand the importance of nutrition, exercise, relaxation and support during pregnancy and provide relevant information to your clients.
  8. Design a client consultation and case history form and feel confident preparing a client session, according to the individual client’s needs.
  9. To identify areas for further learning and practice and understand the importance of working in a referral network with other practitioners and maternity specialists.
  10. To practice working with at least one pregnant woman during the course and, through a series of case studies, gain confidence and expertise in developing individually tailored massage sessions.

For more information or to sign up for this course please just contact us.